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PORIB EFFICIENT HEALTH MANAGEMENT is an innovative company in the field of health technology.  Created in 2012, Porib consists of a multi-disciplinary team of pharmacists, specialists in health economics and engineers.

The goal set by the founders is to cover the weakness of hospitals´ information systems, through control panels, and expert systems in the management of diseases with a high health impact.  This is how MEDiadd was created, the platform that transforms the data for the patient, the hospital specialist and the health system as a whole.

For the development of MEDiadd, Porib counted on the collaboration of the Robotics Institute of the University of Valencia (IRTIC) as a technological partner, and the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) as the financial one.


The information contained in this business data sheep has been provided by the company and the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) is not responsible for its content.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications

MEDiadd is the first specific platform for the health sector that permits the monitoring of a patient's health results, and facilitates the doctor's decision making, for a better management and understanding of diseases with high economic and health impacts.

Developed as a scorecard, it adapts to each specialty, and to the specific needs of the medical team.  It incorporates the pharmacotherapeutic costs of each treatment, inter-operating with the hospital's information systems.  It establishes in detail the cost effectiveness of treatments and the improvement in the patients´ quality of life.

In MEDiadd, they transform the data into value for the patient, the hospital specialist and the whole health system.

Benefits of Technology
  • To put the technological advances available at the service of a responsible Health Service.
  • To ensure equal access to health innovation and treatments for all citizens.
  • To guarantee the sustainability of the Public Health System.
Technology Applications
  • Studies of Resource Consumption and Cost Analysis.
  • Load Studies and Disease Costs.
  • Analysis of Costs Minimalisation, Cost-Effectiveness, Cost-Utility and Cost-Benefit.
  • Budget Impact Analysis.
  • Modelling studies:  decision analysis, Markov models and simulation of discrete events.
  • Design of Novo Models.
  • Adaptation of Models.
  • Relative Value Assessment of health interventions.


Eric Grossat

Chief Growth Officer.

Ana Martinez Arroyo

Health Outcomes Specialist.

Antonio Morrajas

CEO & Founder.

Miguel Ángel Casado

Scientific Director & Founder.

David Plumed


Juan Francisco Ibañez


Francisco Lozano


Miriam Redondo


Rubén González


Vicent Cabo


Vicente Gil


Sandra Agudo


Irene Rios

Bio-statistician Researcher.

Luzmerc Pérez

Health Economics Researcher.

Contact information

Antonio MorrajasCEOinfo@mediadd.es Phone: (+34) 963 543 840