Who may be established in the Park

In the Science Park all types of companies and entities interested in Research, Technological Development and Innovation, as well as entrepreneurs who wish to develop new innovative projects with a scientific-technological base can be installed.

Companies or institutions with departments in R+D +I; large leading technology companies; spin-off companies of recent creation and generated preferably by graduates and professors of the University of Valencia; R+D+i departments and Research Lines of consolidated companies; startups from other areas of activity and service companies related to business innovation, not necessarily in technological fields. These are some of the profiles of companies that are established in the facilities of the PCUV:

Who may be established in the Park

Groups of Companies

Companies or institutions involved intensively in R+D+I

  • Large companies´ R+D + I Departments
  • Innovative SMEs that carry out their business activities in the Science Park, as long as they comply with Park standards (environmental and others), and include R+D + I in their development.
  • Joint R+D + I activities, carried out by several companies within a Research Association sub-sector, or another similar type of organisation.

"Spin-off" Companies

  • University of València Spin-offs that could be located within a nursery or business incubator.

Large companies

  • Large companies with R+D leadership, who place a significant part of their innovative activities in the Science Park.
  • Companies or institutions that offer their R+D associated business services to clients

Companies or institutions that offer their R+D associated business services to clients

  • Technical services: quality control, industrial design, homologation, technology transfer, etc.
  • Other services related to business innovation, such as marketing advice, financial engineering, legal consultations, etc.

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