Notable figures

Projects managed in the last year by the PCUV Foundation 

Supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Science, Universities and Digital Society  

Supported by the Valencian Innovation Agency 

FPCUV Projects

Here you will find a small sample of the main projects that are managed by the PCUV Foundation to support both the scientific-academic area and the business area of our science park. These projects focus on technology, business cooperation and innovation.


Multisectoral open innovation initiative with a socio-economic impact of the Valencia community. An initiative of the five science parks of the Valencian Community 

DIH Digital Innovation Hub

Project that encompasses the main competences and services for digital innovation of fifteen companies and two institutes of the PCUV


Program to support the creation, consolidation and growth of new innovative companies in the area of the Universitat de València


Training project to support installed companies with a focus on internationalization and management of international projects

RePCV Awards

Awards of the Network of Valencian Science Parks for the recognition of innovative entrepreneurial initiatives


Survey whose objective is to know the characteristics of the companies and entities installed in the Science Park


Survey to assess the impact and influence of companies based on innovation and knowledge in the Valencian Community


Project for the dissemination of Science and Technology. Open to society and specially designed for schoolchildren


Project for the dissemination of Science and Technology through talks and monologues by scientists. Designed for a young audience


Incubator of High Technology in Sustainable Agri-Food promoted by the University of Valencia and the UV Science Park Foundation


Report focused on the identification of companies characterized by a high level of innovation and competitiveness

Smart Park

Project to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology in renewable energies


Dissemination and dissemination program of applied innovation generated by the business ecosystem of the PCUV

Get to know the innovation ecosystem of the University of Valencia Science Park

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