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Introduction and objective

ICMol was founded in 2000 to develop competitive and high quality research in materials science using a molecular approach.

Introduction and objective

Founded in 2000, the Institute for Molecular Science (ICMol) of the Universitat de València is a center of excellence in Molecular Chemistry and Nanoscience.

Its objectives are focused on fields such as the design and synthesis of functional molecules, supramolecular associations and molecular materials with physical or chemical properties of interest.

Its areas of application range from molecular magnetism and electronics, to nanotechnology and biomedicine. Since 2016, it has been recognized with the accreditation of 'Unit of Excellence María de Maeztu'.

Main research programs

ICMol is the only research center in Spain focused exclusively on the molecular aspects of Nanoscience, with special emphasis on the study of functional molecules and materials that exhibit useful magnetic, electrical or optical properties.


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  • logoCommutable Molecular Materials
  • logoSupramolecular Chemistry
  • logoChemical Reactivity
  • logoSolid State Spectroscopy

Institute for Molecular Science (UV) news

Guillermo Mínguez, awarded for Research Excellence by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry
Eugenio Coronado, director of ICMol, awarded honorary doctorate by the Autonomous University of Madrid
ICMol team describes a new method for industrial purification of ethylene, the base for a multitude of commonly used chemicals
ICMol researcher Isabel Abánades receives a Junior Leader scholarship from La Caixa Foundation to synthesize more efficient MOF materials on demand
ICMol finds a new 'twist' to graphene by developing two-dimensional magnetic materials with 'a la carte' properties
Researcher Gonzalo Abellán co-founded with Iker Marcaide the company Matteco for the production of green hydrogen

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