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Founded by scientists from the University of Valencia and the CSIC, as well as by experts in the economic and industrial sector.  The services offered are based on bio-prospecting, that is, on obtaining natural micro-organisms for their application in industrial or bio-medical processes.  It consists of a complete service from start to finish, which includes everything from the collection of initial samples, through the cultivation, isolation and identification of strains of interest in the laboratory, to the large-scale production of micro-organisms selected for their outstanding biological activity.


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications

In Darwin we have everything necessary to develop bio-prospecting projects on demand:

  • Improved techniques for isolation and cultivation of environmental micro-organisms
  • High performance microbial screening platforms, adaptable to multiple selection criteria
  • New generation sequencing technologies (Nanopore) and bio-informatic support
  • Pilot plant for fermentation and lyophilisation
Benefits of Technology


The field of microbial bio-prospecting is currently undergoing a change, in which new techniques are required to isolate new microbial species, which will give access to a new repertoire of molecules of bio-medical and industrial interest.

In this context, Darwin has based its business model on the use of innovative and holistic approaches --including omic analysis, cultivation and microbial ecology - to address comprehensively the bio-prospecting of microbial communities, in search of useful bio-technological products from different points of view (for example, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, etc.). Regarding the techniques based on culture, we have unique and proprietary methodologies that allow the number of cultivable micro-organisms to be increased from practically any environmental sample.


Darwin is the first Spanish company dedicated to the bio-prospecting of micro-organisms in any type of environmental sample.  In addition, we distinguish ourselves from other similar initiatives because:

  • Our panel of recognised experts in bio-technology and micro-biology address each project individually.
  • Thanks to collaboration with other companies, we can offer our clients all the steps of the bio-prospecting process from start to finish.
  • Our business model includes the win-win philosophy, which guarantees the confidence of our clients and increases the chances of project success.
Technology Applications

Darwin offers solutions for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Production of food and beverages (personalised starters for baking, beer, wine, etc.)
  • Organic farming (vegetable probiotics)
  • Environmental management (degradation and/or revaluation of waste, composting, etc.)
  • Obtaining micro-organisms for bio-medical purposes (antioxidants, probiotics, etc.)
  • Studies related to massive DNA sequencing
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Food industry
  • Bio-medical sector
  • Energy and the Environmental sector
  • Research and Development in Applied Microbiology


Manuel Porcar


Cristina Vilanova

Chief Scientific Officer

Kirstie Tanner

R+D Project Manager

Adriel Latorre

Genomics Department Director

Javier Pascual

Director Departamento Biotecnología Microbiana

Marta Borrego

Lab Manager


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Contact information

info@darwinbioprospecting.comMobile Phone: +34 962 990 266