(Energy and the Environment)


CO2zero is the most innovative environmental consultancy in the market since, in addition to being specialised in calculating, reducing and compensating the CO2 emissions of companies and institutions through its own registered Protocol, it manages to reduce energy costs, increase efficiency and improve image and sales, positioning itself as an environmentally responsible company to its employees, suppliers and clients.

CO2zero collaborates with those Town Councils that signed the Mayoral Covenant in the achievement of their objectives;  also with the OECC (Spanish Office of Climate Change) in the development of Climate Mobility Plans (example: Climate Plan CO2zero Mobility 2016) and with companies in the development of their environmental CSR (example: The Renault Dealer of the Year Contest 2016;  Prize Environmental Impulse to Germaine de Capuccini, and the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón´s Export Prize 2015 to Cevica).


The information contained in this business data sheep has been provided by the company and the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) is not responsible for its content.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • Management:  Are your energy supplies well-contracted?  May they be improved? Our engineers check and advise on optimisation.
  • Savings:  Are you consuming more energy resources than necessary?  Are your staff energy-aware? We can measure consumption and train your teams.
  • Efficiency:  Do you produce with the minimum possible energy cost?  Is your technology geared to this? We help you achieve it.
  • Standards:   To advise on compliance:  Kyoto Protocol - COP 21 of Paris;  CO2 Footprint Calculation in accordance with ISO 14064, ISO 50001 Standards;  Royal Decrees 163/2014 and 56/2016, Pass 2050 and Product Seal CO2zero.
  • CSR:  They train company members in the application of the CO2zero Solution through online and face-to-face courses, achieving savings of up to 14% by changing attitudes and habits.  They manage the CO2Zero Mobility Climate Plans to benefit both companies and their workers.
  • Image:  Your CO2zero Seals acknowledge the effort made in calculation, reduction and compensation of CO2, and can join the brand as a guarantee aimed at your target audience, and the whole of society, with the company´s environmental awareness and solidarity, thus improving your corporate perception, at both national and international levels.
Benefits of Technology


CO2zero´S great achievement is to turn a serious problem into an opportunity, transforming the "pay to dirty" into active policies in favour of the reduction and compensation of emissions, such as:

  • Implementation of energy-saving techniques and programmes to improve energy efficiency.
  • Transformation of polluting energy sources into clean energy ones, especially solar and wind.
  • Development of waste reduction and utilisation programmes.
  • Environmental awareness and education courses.
  • Donations for reforestation.
  • Investments in sustainable timber tree plantations.


  • It has its own calculation methodology, but adapted to international ISO standards.
  • The Seals are applicable to the company-brand and also to the products, with a proprietary method which, when a company compensates 100% of its emissions, ensures the granting of the CO2zero Seal for its product or service.
  • The procedure is self-financing with the reduction of costs generated by the implementation of energy efficiency measures.
  • It allows the creation of green self-employment.


Technology Applications
  • Quantification Audit of CO2 emissions.
  • Selection and quantification of the means necessary for the reduction (energy efficiency, plus the remaining possible measures) and compensation of emissions.
  • Own developments in R+D + I:  CO2zero Solution.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • All types of companies and institutions that wish to improve their energy efficiency (and, therefore, their competitiveness), plus their contribution to environmental regeneration and/or their own image.

Contact information

Josep Phone: (+34) 609 603 718