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Diinte catalyzes your ideas. It is a service company, specialised in improving the productivity of companies, through operational efficiency and effective communication. They are passionate about implementing efficient and innovative solutions, catalysing the know-how of our clients, and invigorating internal communication in order to enhance knowledge exchange within your organisation.

In DIINTE they understand that optimisation must be carried out on management processes or indicators, linked to quantifiable results. Therefore, they evaluate and ensure that the project benefits guarantee their clients a return on investment. Its team is formed by professionals with extensive experience in management positions, process optimisation and people management.


The information contained in this business data sheep has been provided by the company and the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) is not responsible for its content.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • The decision of Diinte´s founding partners was to offer a differentiated and specialised service in improving the productivity of companies, through operational efficiency and effective communication.

Benefits of Technology
  • Diinte's team is made up of professionals from various industrial sectors, with extensive experience in both operational and process management positions.
  • They therefore guarantee the communication and the integration of this into their clients´ cultures, together with the vision and the necessary knowledge to optimally  lead any project and improve results.
  • For all these reasons, Diinte guarantees its clients:  the scope of the project, plus its delivery time and a return on investment.   In addition, they certify the savings derived from their services before completing the project.
Technology Applications
  • Operative Efficiency:
  • Process optimisation and industrialisation according to the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.
  • Integration of information systems (ERP, CRM, MRP, MRP-II,   OEE, ...) with the key operations of each client.
  • Supply chain improvement through the implementation of purchasing strategies, and relationships with its suppliers (Supply Relationship Management).
  • In-Company Training:  Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma philosophy and tools, Lean Project Management, value-added purchases, interpersonal skills and leadership, management control, strategic and financial management.
  • Technological Advice:
    • Management of R&D + I Committees.
    • Implementation of normative standards UNE 166.002.
    • Communication with research Institutes and Universities.
  • Energy Efficiency:  energy saving projects in productive processes or buildings according to the standards of the EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) and ISO 50.001.
  • Project Management:  management in accordance with the Project Management Institute´s standards.
  • Coaching and Leadership:
    • Personal y Executive Coaching.
    • Mentoring.

Contact information

Santiago SánchezDirectorinfo@diinte.es Phone: (+34) 902 090 840