(Information Technology (TIC))


CONTENT SOFTWARE is a consultancy and developer of business content management (ECM) solutions.  The company has experience in more than 500 content management software projects.

They are specialised in web technology and document management through the implementation of their document management software:  Abox Document. In addition, Content Software has a national and international network of partners.


The information contained in this business data sheep has been provided by the company and the University of Valencia Science Park Foundation (FPCUV) is not responsible for its content.

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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • It is optimised for Internet Explorer versions 7, or later ones, and for Mozilla Firefox 5 or later.
  • The database required by Abox Document is SQL Server, in any of its most recent versions.
  • The application works with servers and clients in a Windows environment.  The required web server must have a Windows 2008/2012 Server with Internet Information Server, as well as the NET Framework. •
  • The following standards have been used in its design:
    • XHTML, CSS2, XML (generic web)
    • SOAP, REST (web services)
    • CMIS - Oasis (specific to DMS)
    • Microsoft Office (integration)
    • Archival standards (Moreq2, ICA, DoD-5015.2)
    • Standardisation activity (ISO TC46 / SC11)
    • ISO and national records management standards
    • PDF / A = ISO 19005 (long duration)
    • Recognised electronic signature regulations
    • Tax Agency Regulations


Benefits of Technology
  • Software is not patentable in Spain, since it is registered in the Intellectual Property Registry.
  • The fundamental differentiation of the product resides in three points:
    • It is totally based on web technology, although it has integration utilities with the client's PC systems.
    • It is a finished utility, although configurable by the distributor in the first instance and by the client finally.  The rest of the document management tools do not have the capacity to parameterise the Content Software product, or they are platforms that must be developed in order to have the desired functionalities.
    • It can be used to manage the rest of an organisation´s unstructured contents
  • • Alliances:  Content Software has created a network of national and international Abox Document distributors.
  • In addition, the company has as a technical-strategic partner, the ITI (Technological Institute of Informatics), which supports its activity and supervises the development of the application.
Technology Applications
  • Document management of management systems:  quality, environment, etc.
  • Digitalised management of files (commercial, purchases, etc.).
  • Collaboration on technical documents and R+D + I
  • Flow of approval of invoices received.
  • Digitalised entry and exit of documents.
  • Extranet to exchange documents with customers or suppliers.
  • Electronic billing.
  • Digitalisation.
  • Certified and approved by AEAT.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Document management applied to the business environment, targeting any small or medium-sized enterprise requiring those tools which allow the processes related to document management to be simplified.

Contact information

Jacobo Vila Llobet Phone: (+34) 697 143 192