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BIONCOTECH is a company dedicated to the development of new drugs in the field of immuno-oncology that is now in the clinical stage.  Bioncotech is financed by a Venture Capital company specialised in the sector with offices in Madrid and Valencia. Its mission is the development of new advanced therapies, based on RNA against new and validated therapeutic targets in cancer and immune cells.  Its team of scientists, experts in drug development, with the support of different scientific and clinical advisers of world renown, is dedicated to bringing their therapies to patients.

The leading Bioncotech drug, BO-112, induces immunogenic cell death in solid tumors and simultaneously activates the innate immune system to ensure optimal processing of the antigens and their presentation to the adaptive immune system.  BO-112 initiates a powerful immune reaction (transforming 'cold' tumors into 'hot' tumors), achieving a highly synergistic therapy with inhibitors of the immune system's control points, and thus achieving deep and sustained anti-tumor responses.  Currently, BO-112 is being investigated in clinical trials as a monotherapy, and in combination with inhibitors of immune system checkpoints.


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • BO-112, the leading product of Bioncotech, is a complex of synthetic dsRNA whose therapeutic target is the cytosolic helicases MDA5 and RIG-I, as well as the TLR3 receptor.
  • BO-112 has demonstrated a high safety profile in Phase I of the clinical trials as monotherapy, and is currently investigating the possible combination of the drug with one of the inhibitors of the immune system checkpoints.
Benefits of Technology


  • It is the first drug of its class based on RNA for the activation of various helicases.



  • BO-112 presents an important competitive advantage over TLR3 activating drugs, and that is in addition to it being able to activate the TLR3 pathways:  It is capable of activating the cytosolic helicases MDA5 / RIG1, which induce the death of tumor cells at an early stage, a relevant step for the subsequent efficient immune response.

Technology Applications
  • Human health:  consisting of research, production and marketing of bio-technological and pharmaceutical products for health.
  • Development of a novel compound for the treatment of aggressive solid tumors that currently have no alternative treatments.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • Bio-Medicine
  • Bio-Technology


PhD. Marisol Quintero

CEO Chief Executive Officer

PhD. Mercedes Pozuelo

COO Chief operating officer

MD. Lourdes Planelles

Scientific Director

Elena Caballero

Director of Corporative Relations

Desiree Kanters

Chief of Clinical Operations

MD, PhD. Antoni Rivas


MD, PhD. Manuel Hidalgo


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Marisol QuinteroDirector General