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ValGenetics S.L. was incorporated in December 2012 with three founding partners and started its business activity in May 2013. Driven by the commitment to create wealth in the agricultural sector, it has been specialised in R+D + I development and diagnostic services, pathology, genetics and Plant Bio-technology.  Its technological offer is aimed at the national and international bio-technological and agrarian sectors, both private and public.

For this, the company has five fully equipped laboratories to carry out the diagnosis of micro-organisms of agricultural interest, molecular biology and “in vitro” culture of plant tissues.  In addition, it has a team of scientific researchers with more than 20 years of scientific experience, and a board of multi-disciplinary and international scientific advisors, with extensive knowledge in the different fields of agricultural research.

Its added value is efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism in the management of plant samples, as well as trust, confidentiality and personalisation of R+D + I services and developments, always adjusted to the client's needs.  Therefore, ValGenetics provides a professional and immediate scientific support to companies in the agricultural sector as a basis for generating greater wealth.


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Technology offer

Technical Specifications
  • ValGenetics provides scientific developments and services on-demand, and offers the opportunity of R + D & I projects, adjusted to meet market needs.

  • Phytopathological diagnosis of fungi, bacteria, viruses, viroids and mycoplasmas (based on advanced techniques, such as PCR and real-time RT-PCR or massive sequencing), applying the protocols of the European Community EPO / EPPO and the International Plant Protection Convention (PPC-FAO).  All this focussed on supporting the certification of fruits, plants and seeds free of pathogens and the control of pests and diseases.

  • Identification by molecular taxonomy of phyto-pathogenic, or beneficial bacteria and fungi (used in bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers and biocides).

  • Sequencing of micro-organisms and plants for registration.

  • Studies of gene expression of micro-organisms and plants.

  • Identification and varietal differentiation of species and plant varieties.

  • Sanitation, micro-propagation and tissue culture of plants designed to solve bio-technological problems.

  • Studies of germination and purity of seeds, ploidy and the rescue of embryos.


Benefits of Technology


  • The services of the Quality department or R+D + I:  professional, effective, efficient and accessible to companies in the agricultural or bio-technological sectors.

  • Projects adapted to the agrarian problems raised, and adjusted to the needs of the client.

  • Possibility of covering all aspects of the control of pathogens and pests from the diagnosis of the pathogen to obtaining healthy mother plants, as well as the protection of the breeder of new plant varieties.

  • Scientific solutions for a wide group of agrarian problems through the combined practice of diagnostic and microbiology technologies, together with those of molecular genetics and plant tissue culture, without forgetting the protection of the environment.

  • Research and development of R+D + I itself in diagnosis, pathology, genetics and agricultural bio-technology, supported by an academic field of scientific publications and projects or agreements with companies, universities and private or public research centres.

  • Participation in scientific congresses, lectures and scientific training of university students maintaining an informative field of science and teaching.


  • Exclusive on-demand services tailored to the needs of its customers, with fast and reliable results at competitive prices.

  • Application of diagnostic platforms for pathophysiological detection and identification techniques, based on advanced methodologies and those specified in European and international plant health regulations, employed by public inspection and health services.  Therefore, its customers have the guarantee that analysed plants comply with current legislation.

  • Specialisation in “in vitro” cultivation, applied to obtain diseases-free plants (sanitation) and micro-propagation.

  • Research in techniques for obtaining molecular markers and genetic improvement of horticultural crops, forestry, strategic and emerging fruit trees, as well as ornamentals.

Technology Applications
  • Development of diagnostic technology, and plant sanitation, to control pests and emerging diseases, present and future, that affect endemic, minority, strategic and emerging crops.
  • Implementation of sanitary certification confirming the absence of phytopathogenic organisms, used in the export and import of fruits, plants and seeds, and support for the application of the integrated fight against pathogens and pests.
  • Generation of differentiation technology and varietal identification, for the protection of the breeder, plus registered species and plant varieties (plants and seeds).
  • Development of micro-propagation technology, micro-grafting rejuvenation through the cultivation of plant tissues in order to obtain healthy plants.
Sectors to which company is directed

ValGenetics with its quality department or on-demand R + D + I format provides services to:

  • Bio-technological companies and producers of plant material (plants, seeds, flowers, fruits and roots) and beneficial micro-organisms in the agricultural field (bio-pesticides, bio-fungicides, rooting, etc.), who lack the adequate means to carry out these scientific processes, due to the high cost of specialised personnel, equipment and the necessary reagents.
  • Private and public research bodies that need to outsource molecular biology services, mass sequencing, bio-informatics, gene expression or bio-technology, or acquire products or technology developed by ValGenetics.


Dra. María R. Albiach Martí - CEO

PhD in Chemical Sciences, Specialty in Biochemistry.

Dra. Magda Cervera Ocaña - Responsible for “In Vitro” Plant Genetics and Plant Genetics

PhD in Chemical Sciences, Bio-chemical Specialty.

Dra. Ana Crespo Sempere - Responsible for Plant Pathology and Microbial Genetics

PhD in Agronomic Engineering.

Alejandro Carralero González – Plant Pathology and Microbial Genetics Technician

Degree in Biological Sciences, Master in Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Monserrat Plomer Sáez – “In Vitro” and Plant Genetics Technician

Agricultural Engineer and Technician.

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Contact information

María R. Albiach Martí Founder and Executive Directormaria@valgenetics.comMobile Phone: (+34) 663 855 771Phone: (+34) 960 059 146