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Red Hat is the leading provider of open source software solutions worldwide, which uses a community-based approach to provide reliable and high-performance technologies in the cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization. In addition, it offers support services, training and consulting awarded for its excellence.
Throughout its history, this firm has been acting as a connection node within a network of companies, partners and open source communities worldwide, facilitating the creation of relevant and innovative technologies that free resources for growth and favor the preparing to successfully face the future of IT.


Technology offer

Technical Specifications

"Open source" is a proven collaboration methodology to create technology. This methodology is based on the freedom to see the code, learn from it, be able to ask questions and be able to make improvements. As a result, open source communities can innovate much more effectively than traditional R & D labs.

In this way, Red Hat directs clients, partners and developers towards communities that aim to solve the problems we all share. In turn, the company also brings a lot of code to the community. In fact, it invests in its engineers and developers to work in these open technology communities on behalf of our clients, and in this way contribute to the project also with their work.

When the resulting open source technology is useful, Red Hat tests it, strengthens it and makes it safe and reliable. Subsequently, it is packaged and Red Hat begins to support it as a business product.

Benefits of Technology


  • The innovative technology that Red Hat develops is a product of its organizational culture that has the capacity to adapt to constant changes. This way of working, called the open organization, is to encourage creativity, providing the right tools for all members of the organization to think and propose, and therefore achieve innovative results.
  •  According to this new vision, the managers of the companies must know how to motivate the staff, make them see that they are an important part of a whole, and that only jointly the objectives can be achieved. In this vision, each piece of the puzzle is important.
  • To encourage this creativity, we must start by involving more teams, getting them to understand well the mission of the company, and connecting their work with that mission because only those who work as a team and interact together get better ideas. And managers must lead that change and guide others on their way.


  • The competitive advantage of Red Hat is its collaborative approach, which allows it to reach innovation and face the digital age. It is about the development and constant improvement, sharing, learning, perfecting and taking advantage of the work of others. It is a form of collective learning, but it is also a way to accumulate and share wisdom.
  • This approach is rooted in the principles of open source, that is, in the exchange, participation, transparency, meritocracy and community. These foundations are those that allow us to achieve that degree of innovation that is so much demanded today.
  • In Red Hat it is known that the best way to win is to create more winners. Therefore, Red Hat creates more winners by joining them and contributing directly to open source community projects.
Technology Applications

There are numerous examples of how open source feeds the entire world. Proof of this are the Google projects, or how Elon Musk is betting on open source to develop artificial intelligence (AI). They also serve as an example AWS, Netflix, Facebook and many other companies that are boosting thanks to open source.

Currently, many initiatives and projects are based on open innovation, from widely used technologies such as Apache Hadoop for big data, Kubernetes for containers, and Android for mobile operating systems, to other smaller projects such as the Singapore Government Technology Agency, oriented to give an immediate sanitary response in cases of citizen urgency.

However, the open source style goes beyond software development and its principles can be applied more extensively to face challenges such as starting a business.

Sectors to which company is directed

Red Hat works with corporations of all sectors and sizes in Spain and worldwide, among which are:
●    Spain: BBVA, Produban (Banco Santander), Telefónica, Roche, Repsol, Canarias Government, Aragon Health Service
●    Finance: Union Bank, Banco Azteca, ING DiBa
●    Telco: Swisscom, Vodafone
●    Transport: Amadeus, Avianca
●    Public Administration: Departamento de Defensa de EEUU

Contact information

Julia BernalCountry Manager Spain & Portugalspain@redhat.esPhone: +34 91 414 8800