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Way2 Ecommerce is a company specialized in the creation of high performance ecommerce portals. It offers knowledge, consulting, experience and succeed solutions for your online sales portal.

Its specialization lies in the development and programming of solutions for the Magento e-commerce platform. They have official Magento certifications that accredit them as a reference partner in the sector, able to carry out the most ambitious and complex projects.

Way2 Ecommerce is your reference ecommerce partner for any online sales project, whether it is Bussiness to Consumer (B2C), Bussiness to Bussines (B2B) or any type of intranet that you want to carry out for your company.

In addition, it offers value added services to your projects such as the connection of your ecommerce with your ERP or CRM. They are also specialists in integrating Magento with the main ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP Businness One, SAGE, Spyro, Odoo, and even any other ERP or CRM of the customer.

Its ecommerce services also include the formation of the company in Magento, the internationalization of its online sales channel, the hosting of servers and the optimization of the internal processes of the online store.

Technology offer

Technical Specifications

Way2 Ecommerce is an expert company in Magento ecommerce, the leading open source platform for the implementation of online portals. The main features of Magento that make it the industry leader for the implementation of any online sales business model are:

  • Different types of products: Magento has a wide range of products that can be customized in order to better adapt to the final product of the client and improve the final customer's shopping experience.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency: Allows the same electronic commerce to be presented in different languages. It also allows a management of different currencies by language.
  • Custom taxes: Depending on the country of the user, the corresponding taxes will be applied automatically.
  • Prices: Magento allows the possibility of having different prices dor a product per website, as well as making discounts for groups of customers or volume of sales or having special prices for specific periods of time.
  • Discounts: Magento allows automated discounts through the management of internal rules. These discounts can be automatic or through the management of discount coupons generated by the e-commerce platform itself.
  • Orders: The platform handles different states of the order and sends the buyer an email each time the status of the order changes. This information will be accessible from the user panel and the backoffice of the online store.
  • Payment processes and shipping methods: Magento supports different payment methods such as Paypal, bank TPV, transfer, cash on delivery as well as standard shipping expenses of the main transport companies based on the weight of the order and the destination. You are also prepared for free shipping costs after a certain amount.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Customer Management.
  • SEO friendly: Magento has a high configuration and serial adaptation to optimize the positioning of its ecommerce in the main search engines.
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Benefits of Technology

The wide experience of Way2 Ecommerce in the sector of online sales in general, and in Magento in particular, assure you that your online sales channel has both the Magento functionalities, and any other customization that such e-commerce platform requires for adapt to your particular business needs. The added value offered by Way2 Ecommerce to boost your online business lies in the extensive knowledge of the platform, achieved both by the large number of successful projects and by the official Magento certifications. The Way2 Ecommerce and Magento union provides a strategic, competitive and technological advantage over its competitors by being able to put into practice in the shortest possible time any functionality and new challenge that your online sales channel needs.

The main advantages of implementing your online sales portal with Way2 Ecommerce are:

  •     To have a leading e-commerce platform in the market with the possibility to optimize the online sales channels of our customers.
  •     Increase the company's sales through quality ecommerce.
  •     Position yourself in the main search engines taking advantage of this new sales channel that will make us expand our target.
  •     Increase the confidence of buyers in the brand using the online store as a communication portal between our customers and followers.
  •     Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction through a unique shopping experience and quality service.


Technology Applications

Way2 Ecommerce has made a great variety of online sales projects using Magento as an electronic commerce platform. Broadly speaking, the main applications of Magento are:

  • Development of B2C e-commerce portals; that is, ecommerce Bussiness to Consumer. When we have a catalog of products that we want to sell to the final consumer, Magento offers an excellent platform and technology for the implementation of our online store.
  • Development of B2B e-commerce portals (Bussiness to Bussiness). In this case, your products are aimed at a professional customer. These portals usually have specific customizations for this business model such as price per customer, multi store, different forms of payment, credit limit, etc.
  • Development of marketplaces.
  • Development of private intranets for commercials of the company, where each commercial has a private access and can make budgets to the final customers of the company.
Sectors to which company is directed
  • On one hand, any company that wants to have an online sales platform for their products or services, regardless of their sector or the final customer they are targeting, can benefit from the e-commerce services offered by Way2 Ecommerce.
  • On the other hand, if you already have that online sales channel for your niche market, but do not think you are getting the results you expected, the Way2 Ecommerce team will help you locate the bottlenecks of your business model and refocus the project to obtain the best results.

Contact information

Jose Vicente RiberaCEOinfo@way2ecommerce.comPhone: (+34) 960 60 19 92